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Chelle: Issues and challenges facing the aging LGBTQ community from NY Presbyterian (as contributing writer), March 2017 (

Chelle: A Tip for the Holidays; Whom to Tip and How Much Dec 2016 (The Davis Enterprise/YOLO County News)

Chelle: The Pet Project ~ Gifts for People Who Are Crazy About Their Pets Nov 2016 (The Davis Enterprise/TOLO County News)

Chelle: Men can also suffer the effects of osteoporosis from NY Presbyterian (as contributing writer), May 2016 (

Chelle: The impacts of coming out as an older adult from NY Presbyterian (as contributing writer), May 2016 (

Chelle: Clever Outdoor Shade [pg 2] Grow Your Own Perfume [pg 4] May 2016 (The Herald: Hpme, Lawn & Garden)

Chelle: Golden Age of Fitness Includes Smart Eating [pg6]  May 2016 (The Herald, DuBois City, Indiana Apr 2016

Chelle: Giving Pets as Presents Dec 2015 (

Chelle: Is Santa Here Yet? Dec 2015 (Idaho Mountain Express)

Chelle It’s Never Too Late to Reinvent Yourself Sept 2015 (Burlington County Times)

ChelleMake the Most Out of Growing Older July 2015 pg 14 (The Senior News)

Chelle: Golf Can Sting May 2015 (PressReader Canada)

Chelle Securing the sanctuary you call home April 2015 (

Chelle New technology benefits old-timers Feb 2015 (Casa Grande Dispatch)

Chelle Creators News Special Supplements (as a contributing writer) Nov. 2008 – present

Chelle  Renting the Sun June 2014 (Didion’s Bible)

Chelle Congrats! You’re Getting Married! 2014  (Chicago Suburban Family)

Chelle Colorful Cars Cruise on Down the Road May 2014 (The Davis Enterprise)

Chelle  Water, Water Everywhere – Features Add a Focal Point… March 2014 (The Davis Enterprise)

Chelle: When Hearing Begins to Go…, Feb.2014 (Casa Grand Dispatch)

Chelle  Online Health Info: Fact or Fiction? Feb 2014 (Didion’s Bible)

Chelle & Mark  Central Avenue – Excellence Since 1954 Jan 2014 (The Journal News)

Chelle: Preparing vegetarian-friendly holiday meals Nov 2013 (The Photo News)

Chelle: Realities of delayed retirement are changing the national employment picture Oct 2013 (

ChelleHow to help kids deal with tragedy  Aug 2013 (THE FREE LANCE–STAR, FREDERICKSBURG, VA)  pg 8

Chelle: Pinching pennies for a promising future  2013 (The News-Banner, Bluffton IN)

Chelle & Mark: Park Ford: Vision of Sales & Service Excellence July 2012 (Journal News)

Chelle: A Cleansing Condition  July 2012 (Los Angeles DownTown News)

Chelle: Out of the nest..., June 2012 (Seattle Times)

Chelle: Finding Furniture That Fits, April 2012 (Williston Observer)

ChelleBudgeting tips for young adults, Mar 2012 (,

Chelle:  It’s A Date, March 2012 (LowCountry Sun, Charleston SC)

Chelle: Finding Companionship Later in Life, Mar 2012, (Casa Grand Dispatch: Valley Life)

Chelle: Out of the Nest and Making it in the Real World, Feb 2012, (Seattle Times)

ChelleOur furry friends: The health benefits of pet ownership, Feb 2012, (To Your Health, Daily Jefferson County Union – pg 12)

ChelleWhat to do when provider denies your medical claim, Jan 2012, (Casa Grande Dispatch: Valley Life)

ChelleThings to consider before you switch financial institutions, Jan 2012, pg 7, (Daily Jefferson County Union)

ChelleUnderstanding the meaning and intention of holiday displays, Nov 2011, (Sun City Living)

Chelle: Pets As Gifts?, Nov 2011, (The Gazette)

Chelle: Life Skills Help Kids Cope, Sept 2011, (Gulf News)

ChelleRetired and working: Find the job that’s right for you, Sept 4, 2011 (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Chelle & By-LinesHow to take effective notes A textbook for the future?, Sept 2011, (Garden City News)

Chelle The Right Gear for You Aug 2011 (DT News / Downtown LA)

Chelle: Prepare Kids for Peer Pressure…, Aug 2011 (

Chelle & MarkSchultz Ford Steps Up to Aid Police Programs, June 2011 (Journal News)

Chelle: Many work past retirement age, June 2011 (

Chelle & Mark: Central Ave. Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge Celebrates Grand Re-Opening, May 2011 (Journal News)

Chelle: Voicing seniors’ political priorities, Mar 2011, (TriValley Central)

ChelleHow will health care reform affect you?, Mar 2011, (TriValley Central)

ChelleGet every deduction you deserve, Jan 2011 (,

ChelleUpdating skills can help seniors looking to go back to work, Jan 2011 (Casa Grande Dispatch)

ChelleOnline Marketing and Promotion, Dec 2010 (Vision: A Resource for Writers, Issue #65)

ChelleGreat Christmas gifts for the elderly, Dec 2010 (

Chelle: Zen and the Art of Resume Writing, Nov 2010 (Journal News)

ChelleBlue-Collar Jobs Well Within Reach, Oct 2010 (News & Record)

Chelle Gifts for the Elderly: Santa’s Sleigh, Sept 2010

Mark: Bowling for DummiesJuly 2010, Wiley Publishing, ISBN#978-0-470-60159-4

ChelleOutdoor Living Brought Home: Extend your living space with a screened-in porch, May 2010 (Mosaic Minute, Atlantic GA)

Chelle: A Matter of Insurance, Apr 2010 (L.A. Downtown News)

ChelleStaying safe from con artists, March 2010 (Washington Jewish Week)

Chelle: Plant the seeds to discovering your family tree, March 2010 (Casa Grande Dispatch)

Chelle: Homeownership shouldn’t be a financial nightmare, Feb 2010 (THE RECORD HOME)

ChelleChoosing a Bank, Jan 2010 (The Bluffton Banner-News)

ChelleSecrets that lead to a steady paycheck Jan 2010 (Hudson Valley Life)

Chelle: New York EMS Issues – monthly column (1st Responder News)

Chelle: Pop culture’s influence on the holidays (

Chelle: Holidays for interfaith families tricky, but everyone can be satisfied (East Bay

Chelle: Homeowners offer tips for smaller garden, Dec 2009 (Houston Chronicle)

ChelleNail that gift idea down: gifts for the handyman, Nov 2009 pg 8 (Rossmoor News)

Chelle: Weddings Packaged to Go: Wedding Showcase 2010, (Daily Hampshire Gazzette)

Chelle: Finding Roots: Plant the seeds to discovering your family tree, Oct 2009 (PRIME TIME, DAILY COURIER)

Chelle: HeraldNet: Looking Like Christmas: Your table should be just as festive as the food you serve

Chelle: Let Me Entertain You: Home theaters aren’t just for the wealthy (HeraldNet, Snohomish County)

Chelle: Holidays for interfaith families are tricky, but everyone can be satisfied (SouthCoastToday)

ChelleGuard against disaster Protect your home with the right coverage, Sept 2009 (AllBusiness)

Chelle: Save some money, the environment with a simple step, Sept 2009 (The Herald-Dispatch)

Chelle: Personality Plays a Big Role in Job Satisfaction (Aug 09)(California Job Journal)

Chelle  Home Is a Place of Refuge   (Jun 09) Daily Herald~Arlington Heights, IL 

Chelle: Patio Pleasures, May 2009 (Herald Times)

Chelle: A little black dress for every body type (Apr 09)(

Mark: Vanilla Heart Publishing: Author Chelle Cordero, Apr 2008

Mark: Mark Hermann Donates CPR Training Mannequin and Scholarship Check to St. John’s Riverside Hospital [photo, p6], Aug 2008 (WESTCHESTER TIMES TRIBUNE)

Chelle: In the Danger Zone: EMS Responder (Mar 08)

Chelle: Finding Nemo – What you should know before you set up an aquarium, Nov 2006 (The Journal News)

Chelle & Mark “Forty Under 40” REDC (Sept 06)  [partial brochure]

Chelle Rockland County;s EMS1 – Kim Lippes  1st Responder Newspaper (2006)

Chelle & Mark: Larchmont Chrysler Jeep Dodge: Journal News (Oct 04)

Chelle & Mark: Chelle Cordero and Vanilla Heart Publishing donate to Stony Point Ambulance Youth Squad 1st Responder News (June 09)

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Plant the seeds to discovering your family tree

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